Deadman’s Barstool (2018) is a feature length murder-mystery comedy that revolves around the dubious death of an alcoholic televangelist and the oddball personalities out to get his fortune.  Directed by Dean Dempsey and written by himself and Greg Mania

Mary is the conniving wife of a well-known televangelist who goes by the moniker "John the Preacher". Facing divorce with meager financial settlement, she partners with his mistress, Ginny, to rob JP of his cash fortune and split the loot. When they discover him dead from a gunshot wound to the head, their scheme starts to unravel piece by piece. Through a clever cover-up, his murder was ruled a suicide by the NYPD, but a crooked cop has other plans. When their attempt to pay off the detective backfires, a series of events unfold that reveal how the real perpetrators left them all outwitted and put out to pasture. Through a cast of offbeat characters and eccentric cameos, the story of one man's life and death takes twists and turns through the murky glint of a cocktail glass.